Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QUEST E-Learning Portal?

QUEST E-Learning Portal is a responsive web based Learning Management System at university level. Due to the responsive web based design of the portal, the students can learn the latest courses anytime, anywhere and on any device. For taking the maximum benefit the students can also complement these courses along with their existing courses at their university. QUEST E-Learning Portal consists of many features:

  1. Videos of the Lectures (Course-wise)
  2. Notes of the Lectures (Course-wise)
  3. MCQs of the Lectures (Course-wise)
  4. Progress of the Students in Graphs (Course-wise)
  5. Chatroom
  6. Forum
  7. FAQs
  8. Most Subscribed Courses
  9. Top Rated Courses
  10. Video Comments
  11. Video Rating

The students can get themselves registered and afterwards, they can subscribe any course. They can search any course or they can navigate to their desired course. Additional support is available where they can request feedback from peers through Chatroom and Forum.

What do QUEST E-Learning Portal courses include?

There are many e-learning courses which have been designed for QUEST students. The foundation of each course is its lectures, which can include videos, Notes and MCQs, as a way to enhance the learning experience of the students. Few of the courses are:

  1. Introduction to Computing
  2. Visual Programming
  3. C Programming Language
  4. Java Programming, etc.

How do I take a QUEST e-learning course?

Registration facility is available for QUEST students. After approval by the admin, the registered students can subscribe any available course from the portal and can start learning anytime, anywhere and on any device.

How long do I have to complete a QUEST e-learning course?

There are total 42 lectures in each course. The students can enjoy the lecture videos, notes and MCQs of the subscribed courses at their own convenient timings; preferably till the end of the semester it is expected that the students would complete the course(s).

Is QUEST e-learning portal an authentic portal?

Yes, it is a Ph.D. project which is approved by the QUEST.

Is there any way to preview a course?

Yes, all the courses, top rated courses and most subscribed courses are available on home page. All the visitors can see and explore all the courses without registration.

What if I don’t like a course I subscribed?

It is not mandatory to complete the course.

Do you offer any certificates for free?

No, there is no tutoring system. So, we don’t offer an option of earning a certificate. This is a learning management system; the students can learn any course.

Are there course textbooks?

There are no required textbooks for QUEST e-learning courses. Complete notes are available for each lecture and for every course. All the lecture notes are downloadable. All the material you need is free of cost.